Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thank You Buttershaw Team!


We recently had a lovely team from England here, from Buttershaw Baptist Church. 

IMG_3842I was thrilled to discover that the team leader, Liz and her husband (the pastor) and three kids had visited eight years ago and I remembered them!  Our conversations made a lasting impression on me and I thought of them often because they left me one of my favorite books for the boys, The Stories Jesus Told.  So fun to see Rebekah, there to the left with her mom looking on, eight years later!


They were a great blessing to us in Zimpeto and to me and my boys especially.  They prayed, cleaned, prayed, encouraged, gave, served, cried, painted and played some more!


The Stich family – our Rainbow Loom bracelet instructors!


Big-Hearted Tony helping paint the windows in my dorm – I think the whole team took a turn at it, and they look wonderful!


I took one look at Josh and knew he needed to be hanging out with my boys – nothing like a guy to throw my boys around, wrestle with them, splash them in the ocean, let them climb on him, etc. 

His dad Dave came along for the ride and turned out to be just as big a kid as Josh. 

They joined us for a lot of activities and the boys had a lot of fun with them!IMG_3848IMG_3828IMG_3860

Sadly, I don’t have up close photos of Gentle Helen, Organizing Louise and Hospitality-Calling Maria!  But they’re in the group shot above and were every bit a blessing as those I have photos of.

Thanks for everything Buttershaw and I look forward to staying connected with you! 

PS:  I’m still wondering about this mysterious definition of “soon” you all seem to share over there!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Loom Banding Has Arrived in Mozambique ~Thanks to Keenan Davis! (and the Buttershaw Team!)


My talented friend, Keenan told me all about Loom Bracelets (and necklaces, and key chains and dog leashes, etc) while I was in the US in November.  His mom, my amazing friend Jen, and he decided that my boys had to have Rainbow Looms of their own to create to their hearts delight!


We went directly to the shop and they bought us FOUR looms, several accessories and EVERY color of loops for Christmas for the boys!  Generous hearts!IMG_3778

Well, yes, I do realize it’s AUGUST!  But no one seemed to know how to teach them and I wasn’t up for YouTube tutorials on bracelet making.  I knew the time would come!


Well the day finally arrived when the Buttershaw Team arrived, with two little girls and loads of Rainbow Looms and accessories of their own!  They came prepared to do them with our kids, yay!  So I quickly made a plan for them to come teach my boys and even the Littlies caught on!


Since I had an absolute plethora (love that word!) of Rainbow Loom items, I told the team to use theirs for the other kids in the center but please just come teach my boys.  And they did, three afternoons in a row, for my three separate rooms!


So fun!  They were all enthralled!

Keenan, everyone agrees though that the looms were a bit hard for my age boys and they did a lot better on their fingers.

What do you think, should I keep them trying at the looms, does it get easier?

Thanks Keenan, Jen and Dwight for your generous gift and thanks Buttershaw for your generous time and patience!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going Bananas!

IMG_3768So where I have been housesitting for a couple weekends, my friends have a banana tree, how fun is that? 

It grows what are called “Apple Bananas” which I had never heard of but have eaten plenty of times. 

They are small and super sweet – and fun!  Perfect for the boys!IMG_3766

Did you know bananas grew in a spiral like this?  I didn’t!  So cool!


Looks are deceiving!  This little bunch fed my boys two and a half times!  Including Tias, that is about 85 bananas!  Isn’t that amazing?  You’d never know it from looking at it.


So fun to eat something cut right from the tree. 

The guards had cut it about two weeks ago and stored it out of reach of the birds who you can see had already done some damage at the bottom.

Once they were ripe, the guards gave it to me for the boys.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chicken Pox!

IMG_3674Can you imagine four little bundles with chicken pox at the same time?  Yikes!  About ten of my little pumpkins have had it in the last two weeks, and about 30 in the whole center. 

IMG_3669IMG_3671Other than keeping a close eye on our immuno-compromised kids, I think it’s best for them all to get it and get it over with!    They all seem to go up and down throughout the day, sometimes feeling normal and five minutes later crying and wanting to lay down and two hours later running around again.  About ten minutes after the strong-man competition above, Junior on the left, was laying on the couch, a little teary, and fell quickly off to sleep. 

IMG_3680But who says you can’t still have some fun?  Of these four, two are passing out of it and two are just starting, one with a bad case – thus, laying down on the bed, an one with a mild case – thus the Spiderman energy!IMG_3678

They’re isolated in the dorm so we stayed home from church tonight and watched a movie. Cutie pies!

Although I’ve been quite light-hearted in this post, some of the boys have been quite sick from it, and some have quite painful sores.  How hard is it to keep putting on the healing cream when they are crying and pushing your hands away?  So please say a prayer for us that the pox passes quickly and painlessly and without any complications!

Monday, June 30, 2014


We are entering our busy season, the American summer, and we will be chock full of visitors for the next three months.  IMAG0296


(love how they matched!)

They are such a blessing in lightening our load, playing with the kids, helping with activities and projects and even playing games, one of my personal favorite things to do!

IMG_3544I’ve had a great group of people recently hanging out with my boys and I’m grateful for the help.

IMG_3553I’m also really grateful for the guys who come and just be guys with my boys, who let them climb on them and wrestle and throw them around – I give lots of hugs and kisses but I’m not so great at letting my boys climb on me!



(can you tell we’re telling time?)

There’s a bunch more great people who I haven’t gotten photos of but I still appreciate you!

Hey – I’m all for making new friends of visitors but how about some of my old friends come and visit me?!? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

H is for Hamburger ~ even in Portuguese!


For my Afternoon Program, which I do Tues, Weds and Thurs, one room at a time, we are using the alphabet to determine our activities and learning.  This week was H!  H is for hamburger and it’s also for “hora” which means hour and also, loosely, time.  They’ll ask, “a que horas?”  meaning, “what time?” etc.


There aren’t a ton of words that start with H that were practical for our program so we focused on time.  And hamburgers!  We made out own clocks, so fun!  It took a little trial and error but most of them got it.


I chalked out a huge clock in our main room and the boys had to pick a number and find their place in the clock.  Then we took turns laying down to form the big and little hands and had the boys lay down to make a time we had called out.  I say “we” because I took a turn laying on the floor being the big hand as well!IMG_3561


After working up an appetite, we came back into my house for the highlight of the day!


You should have heard those boys oohing and aahing over how good these hamburgers smelled cooking!  We didn’t have buns so we used regular bread.  I think the part they liked best was that I slathered them in ketchup, or as they call it, “tomate sauce!”  They love it!  I think I could just give them a cup of ketchup and call it a snack!

I really don’t think any of these boys had ever had a hamburger.  They certainly aren’t served here and when they go out, it’s always for chicken or pizza.

Needless to say, they loved it!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mozambique’s Dia de Independencia!


On June 25, 1975, Mozambique became independent from Portugal . 


I know I love to celebrate the 4th of July in the US so I think these boys should have the chance to celebrate their independence as well!


Basically, any excuse for a party!


So me and Alisha threw together a party at the last minute (since I only remembered last night!) and the boys were delighted.  They all drew their Mozambican flag, and we had eggs, popcorn, cookies and soda to celebrate. 


A great time was had by all!


This is one happy independent Mozambican young man!